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Welcome to St. Peter Catholic School: A Christ-Centered School of Excellence

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Greetings from Principal Peter Randlov, M.Ed.


As students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrator, we are very blessed to be one of the major ministries
of this wonderful Church and School Community! St. Peter Catholic School 2013-2014 will be another year of   growth all due to our wonderful families, students, pastoral staff, and faculty of St. Peter.


The 2013-2014 school year is going to be another year of growth, filled with excitement, and wonderful memories. We are continuing our role as a school where students and staff recognize their potential, and celebrate their accomplishments. Our faculty continues to pledge their commitment to help ensure the safety, welfare, and educational development of each child. We invite you to visit our faith filled school and take an active role in your child's education. Together, we can all make a difference!


For those of you who may not know St. Peter Catholic School and parish, here is some important  information to ponder…in 2013, St. Peter Catholic School celebrates 61 years of service to the greater DeLand community and continues to be dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all students. Inspired by Jesus' life, students are encouraged to become participating members of the church and surrounding community. The faculty and clergy, in partnership with our parents, challenge our students to achieve academic and personal excellence and promote a community of faith.


The philosophy of St. Peter Catholic School reflects a thoroughness of instruction by addressing the intellectual, spiritual, cultural and physical needs of our students. We work to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors which are necessary for our students to be creative, intellectually curious, self-motivated and self-confident. We strive to help our students become independent thinkers who are able to apply learned skills to daily life. St. Peter Catholic School has high expectations for each child and through praise and positive reinforcement; we produce self-confident students who know the value of hard work, the joy of achievement and the responsibility of respecting others.


Together, let us make a difference in our school, our parish, our homes, our community and our world.


In Him,

Peter C. Randlov, M. Ed.