Principal's Greeting

Charlotte Funston, M.Ed

Greetings from Our Principal

Thank you for choosing to have your child educated at St. Peter Catholic School. Our principal's greeting below details just how excited we are to welcome you and your child into our spiritual and academic-based parish:

"Christ's blessings be upon you!

St. Peter Catholic School has called to a mission that is grounded in the love of Christ and the faith of the Catholic Church for the past 69 years, which is very hard to believe! In the tradition of St. Peter, the first Pope of the church, our school invites students and families from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds into a community of teachers, support staff, families, and learners, of faith and faith-in-action.

St. Peter Catholic School welcomes your interest in our school and its community. It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we invite you to become a part of our community and ministry of St. Peter. We celebrate our faith every day, continuing to hone our educational skills. St. Peter offers a wide variety of opportunities for our students to be active in their faith life as well as in the community through participation in activities, such as our music programs, athletics, drama, service projects, and student leadership.

As a faith-centered educational community, we nurture each student's growth academically, spiritually, and physically. Our intellectually, socially, and spiritually stimulating environment encourages students to adopt a way of life that embraces and challenges them to pursue with equal vigor the goals of academic excellence and faithfulness to Christ.

Our students are given not just the knowledge and skills they will need to achieve the future, but also the faith and virtues that can make them women and men of outstanding character. The 2022-2023 school year is definitely going to be a tremendous year of growth, filled with excitement, and wonderful memories. Our Family Life Center adds to our campus by providing academic classrooms, gym, locker rooms, and cafeteria with a full-service kitchen.

For those of you who may not know St. Peter Catholic School and parish, here is some important information to ponder. Today, St. Peter Catholic School celebrates 69 years of service to the greater DeLand community and the faculty and clergy, in partnership with our parents, challenge our students to achieve academic and personal excellence and promote a community of faith. Together, let us make a difference in our school, our parish, our homes, our community, and our world.


Charlotte Funston, M. Ed.